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Bosses and levels can have modifiers that change aspects of gameplay.


Bosses can appear with multiple modifiers (at least 5 simultaneous modifiers are possible; possibly unbounded).

Name Description
Burning Boss has a fiery aura that damages the player if they get too close.
Champion Boss HP is increased by 50% and have larger AOE Attacks. Boss Size shrinks with lower health pool.[verification needededit?]
Cloned Two of the boss spawn. Both must be killed. Each clone has 50% of the health pool.
Crazed Boss acts faster which can cause dodge indicators to be a half beat late from the actual attack. Attacks such as Ymir's beam will not be used in the fight. Bosses after Asgard with this modifier will have 50% more HP.[verification needededit?]
Dwarf Boss has a smaller model and moves faster.
Electric Boss has an electric field surrounding them, lightning bolts constantly fall from the sky. Their strike point is marked with a white dot on the ground. Only occurs with Ymir.[verification needededit?]
Giant Boss is physically bigger and has double HP.
Hidden Boss is translucent, but has a waves visual effect around them. Has 30% less HP.
Lethal Only uses its more dangerous attacks. Attacks with hide warnings will not warn you when the attack happens. (unless it's mistcalf's charge)
Poisonous Attacks inflict damage over time.
Vengeful Boss shoots projectiles back at you when you damage them which will deal 25 damage.


Levels can appear with a single modifier or none.

Name Description
Barren Enemies do not drop coins or keys and reward chests do not spawn.
Bountiful Bank Chests, Cursed Chests and Pain Chests spawn on room completion.
Castle The level has a unique vertical room with a Cutthroat that fires beams at the player. A Weapon Chest spawns in this room. Only occurs in Asgard I.
Dark The level is darker and the player must navigate with a flashlight.
Explosive All enemies drop skulls upon death, which can be touched to cause an explosion that damages nearby enemies. Enemies won't drop keys or coins.
Frozen The whole level is ice causing the player to slide about.
Glass The player and enemies take double damage. Floor texture changes to look more brittle.
Infested Rooms have more enemies.
Inverted The player camera is flipped vertically and controls are inverted. Can only occur on Asgard.[verification needededit?]
Midas Every enemy drops a coin. Midas Chests always spawn on room completion. Mini-bosses and bosses drop multiple coins instead of a key.
Pitted The level has a unique room, where you have to complete a (simple) jumping puzzle in order to exit. Only occurs in Vanaheim II.
Retro Your screen becomes highly pixelated, and your weapon model centers on the screen like in DOOM.

Note: this modifier is Challenge specific and does not occur in normal runs.

Space Gravity is reduced. Doubles the effect of recoil, allowing flight by successively shooting downwards on certain weapons.
Shopless Neither Huginn's shop nor the Black market will appear on this floor. Muninn's armoury may still appear.