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The game is divided into four Zones, each having two levels. Each zone is guaranteed to have one GridRoomArmoury.png Muninn's armory.

Level list[edit]

Image Level Boss Minibosses Song
Asgard1.png Asgard 1 Draugr Igneous Red, Big Bat Into Asgard
Asgard2.png Asgard 2 Ymir Igneous Red, Big Bat Judgement
Crypt.png Asgard Crypts Fafnir Corrupted Heiðrún The Crypt
Vanaheim1.png Vanaheim 1 Vétt Wild Mage, Kraken The Rhythm King
Vanaheim2.png Vanaheim 2 Gullveig Wild Mage, Kraken Corruption
Svartalfheim1.png Svartalfheim 1 Alvis Minotaur, Black Knight Paradox
Svartalfheim2.png Svartalfheim 2 Mistcalf Minotaur, Black Knight Machinations
Helheim1.png Helheim 1 Surt Servant of Darkness Depths of Helheim
Helheim2.png Helheim 2 Nidhogg N/A Fight of the Valkyrie