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There are currently ten playable characters (called valkyries) with a unique starting loadouts. (Five were added in the Overdrive update.) Except Rún and Sanngriðr, each character can unlock a starting ultimate and secondary abilities:

  • Secondary ability: defeat Nidhogg with that character on any difficulty.
  • Ultimate ability: defeat Nidhogg with that character on Hard.


Goll.jpg Starting inventory
HP 100 Ultimate UltimateGrenade.png Jarnbjorn
Armor 0 Secondary SecondaryCursedFireball.png Fire Bolt
Weapon Pistol Extra N/A
How to unlock Unlocked by default.


Freyr.jpg Starting inventory
HP 0 Ultimate UltimateGiveShield.png Freyr's Blessing
Armor 150 Secondary SecondaryBlockArm.png Block
Weapon Revolver Extra N/A
How to unlock Complete Asgard
Extra info


Hildr.jpg Starting inventory
HP 50 Ultimate UltimateSpeed.png Hermóðr's Enchantment
Armor 25 Secondary SecondaryCursedFireball.png Fire Bolt
Weapon Shotgun pistol Extra 1x ConsumableKey.png Key and 5x ConsumableSpeed.png Speed.
How to unlock Complete Svartalfheim


Njord.jpg Starting inventory
HP 50 Ultimate UltimateRegenHealth.png Odin's Blessing
Armor 0 Secondary SecondaryManaShield.png Valkyrie's Veil
Weapon Hands Extra 7Coins
How to unlock Defeat Nidhogg
Extra info
  • Cannot pick up or change weapon. Is locked to his starting weapon the (Magic) hands.
  • "Clip up" doesn't appear. In Munnin's Armory left and right pedestals are randomized between "Damage up" and "Ability up". Both may have the same upgrade.


Odr.jpg Starting inventory
HP N/A Ultimate UltimateDiscount.png Barter
Armor 0 Secondary SecondaryTeleport.png Teleport
Weapon Sawn-off shotgun Extra 1x ConsumableLuck.png Luck
How to unlock Defeat Nidhogg on Hard
Extra info
  • Has unique dash ability "Dash/Fly" that allows him to jump repeatedly to fly, hold jump to glide, and be less affected by gravity.
  • Any damage dealt kills him (You can't increase max HP, gain armor or heal.)
  • The ItemReviveChest.png Lion Heart gives an extra hit to Odr.
  • Can block damage with SecondaryManaShield.png Valkyrie's Veil and SecondaryBlockArm.png Block.
  • SecondaryUnrelenting.png Undying Strength does not prevent death on Odr, unlike on other characters.


Skuld.jpg Starting inventory
HP 150 Ultimate UltimateGenerateChest.png Sigyn's Help
Armor 0 Secondary SecondaryMarkForDeath.png Mortal Curse
Weapon Garand Extra N/A
How to unlock Kill 2000 enemies
Extra info
  • Fading: Loses 1 HP every quarter beat (dies after 55 seconds if idle at starting HP).
  • Gains 5 HP every time you shoot an enemy
  • Shotgun-type weapons heal Skuld for each pellet. For example, shotgun pistol heals her for ~25 hp per shot.
  • Skuld is healed for 50 HP when entering new stage. Health starts ticking down after a name of stage disappears.
  • Using "The Quest" ability drastically decreases fading damage. If you have ItemDoubleGloves.png Gunnr's Bracer then you will regenerate slightly instead of taking damage. It lasts until you enter the next stage.
  • ItemVampHead.png Circlet of the Serpentine will override Skuld's innate healing, drastically reducing the amount of healing she receives.
  • Having any amount of shield will prevent death from the fading health loss (this is potentially unintended).


Geri.jpg Starting inventory
HP 25 Ultimate Banking.png Banking
Armor 0 Secondary Burning Coin.png Burning Coin
Weapon Pistol Extra 3Coins
How to unlock Store 100 coins in the bank
Extra info
  • Your camera is moved down to floor. However, you jump as usual.
  • Guaranteed bank each stage(except Helheim I and Helheim II). Can be used for making quick coins for the bank.
  • More likely to get coins as reward rather than keys [verification needededit?]


Herfjötur.jpg Starting inventory
HP N/A Ultimate Geri's Audit.png Geri's Audit
Armor 0 Secondary Snipe.png Snipe
Weapon Bolt-action rifle Extra 3Coins
How to unlock Store 100 coins in the dish
Extra info
  • Uses coins instead of HP and shields. Taking damage will make you lose half of your coins (if odd then rounded up) no matter how small damage was.
  • If you buy something and your money will be set to 0 then you will die. Line will be "Killed by - A lack of coins".
  • When you use Damocles' sword for Coin Bag - you will at first get these coins and after that take damage and lose half of your new stock.
  • ItemReviveChest.png Lion Heart won't save you - it will say that you died to lack of coins. However, if you die without ItemReviveChest.png Lion Heart then it will say name of enemy.
  • ItemArmorChest.png Skjaldmeyjar's Plate won't prevent you from losing money nor lessen the amount lost.
  • Because of not having hp, healing, hp increase and shields are useless, much as items like ItemRegenChest.png Dragon's Skin.
  • Acquiring the Banking ability allows you to have as much "health" as coins stored in your bank across all your runs, as the ability allows you to instantly withdraw if you're low.


Rún.jpg Starting inventory
HP 0-100 max HP, 25-100 HP Ultimate Random
Armor 0-100 Secondary Random
Weapon Random Extra 0-3 ConsumableKey.png Key and 0-10 Coins
How to unlock Spend 1000 coins in the armoury
Extra info
  • Starts each run with all attributes randomized.
  • His starting weapon can be from any pool.
  • Starts with a random item in a randomly chosen slot. The item is taken from the well room pool.
  • His dash ability can sometimes be Odr's "Dash/Fly" instead.


Sanngriðr.jpg Starting inventory
HP N/A Ultimate None
Armor 0 Secondary None
Weapon Pistol Extra N/A
How to unlock Complete the game with Odr
Extra info
  • Any damage dealt kills her (You can't increase max HP, gain armor or heal.)
  • Must completely visit every level to gain access to the boss room. Note that clearing challenge rooms is optional.

Other languages[edit]

Russian: Персонажи

Korean: 캐릭터