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Characters can use abilities to turn the tide of combat or utility. books or scrolls and recharge after a certain number of beats or rooms. The potency of effects can be increased by the ConsumableAbility.png Ability stat.


Ultimate abilities are represented by books.

Ability Description Cooldown Effects
Elli's Touch UltimateHeal.png Heal 64 beats
  • Heals 25 HP.
  • Does not work on Odr, Sanngriðr and Herfjötur.
Jarnbjorn UltimateGrenade.png Explosive orb 1 room
  • Orb that travels at a ballistic curve and explodes on impact for heavy AoE damage.
The Quest The Quest.png Take the quest 12 rooms
  • Permanently increases all stats by 1.
  • Grants health regen (except Odr, Sanngriðr and Herfjötur) and speed boost until the next floor.
Odin's Blessing UltimateRegenHealth.png Renerate health over time 1 room
  • Heals 51 HP over a span of a few seconds.
  • Upgrades with ability skill(?)
  • Does not work on Odr, Sanngriðr and Herfjötur.
  • Description is a typo of Regenerate.
Celestial Drumroll UltimateKamekaze.png Snap Fingers 3 rooms
  • Many explosions over a few seconds dealing massive damage, often clearing an entire room or around 50% of boss health.
  • One explosion happens every quarter beat and targets a random(?) enemy in the room. Number of explosions is affected by the ConsumableAbility.png Ability stat.
Barter UltimateDiscount.png Discount Shop Items 4 rooms
  • Halves the price, rounding down, of all items in shop you use it in.
  • Does discount ConsumableDamage.png Damage Up and ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up but not weaponry in GridRoomArmoury.png Muninn's armory.
  • Has no effect on other rooms.
  • Can be used multiple times on the same shop, essentially turning all items into free upgrades.
    • This is most easily achievable with the ItemReductChest.png Battle Lion Shield and finding said room early in each stage.
Cursed Luck UltimateLuckCurse.png Generate luck, lose health None
  • Deals 25 damage to you and permanently increases your ConsumableLuck.png Luck by 1.
Hermóðr's Enchantment UltimateSpeed.png Buff speed 1 beat
  • Greatly increases your speed for 8 beats (~5 seconds).
Njord's Riches UltimateMidas.png Raining coin 2 rooms
  • Spawns 3 coins, and an additional coin for each ConsumableAbility.png Ability point.
Valkyrie's Call UltimateAlliedAngel.png Call angelic helper 20 kills
  • Summon a floating angel who will attack enemies with projectile damage until the room is clear.
    • If Maniac is active, a second angel will be summoned.
Mjolnir UltimateMegaShot.png Mega shot 1 room
  • Fires burst of strong projectiles in a somewhat wide spread that lasts 1 beat.
Freyr's Blessing UltimateGiveShield.png Grant Shield 5 rooms
  • Grants 25 shields.
  • Does not work on Odr, Sanngriðr and Herfjötur.
Sigyn's Help UltimateGenerateChest.png Generate a chest 16 kills
  • Spawns a random chest ("quality" grows with ability level). Can be a normal end-of-room chest, a key chest, a weapon chest, or a pain chest.
Banking Banking.png Withdraw coin from bank 1 half-beat
  • You get 1 coin, but you lose 1 coin from your bank account.
Geri's Audit Geri's Audit.png Convert all items to coins 2 rooms
  • Transforms items in the room into coins. Coins created by Damocles' Swords, or unbought shop items are free. Also transforms starting Trials and Skulls at Explosive floors.


Secondary abilities are represented by scrolls.

Ability Description Cooldown Effects
Fire Bolt SecondaryCursedFireball.png Damage over time 4 beats
  • Projectile that lights an enemy on fire, dealing damage over time.
  • Penetrates enemy shields.
Mortal Curse SecondaryMarkForDeath.png Mark for death 2 beats
  • Marked enemies take damage over time until death (50 damage per beat).
  • Can stack multiple times on the same target.
  • If used on another target, curse also stays on the previous target.
Broken Burst SecondaryCursedFlak.png Fire spread of projectiles 1 beat
  • Fires 10 projectiles in a wide spread, dealing ~50 damage each.
Valkyrie's Veil SecondaryManaShield.png Negate first enemy attack 10 kills
  • When used, activates a shield effect that will absorb one source of damage and then pop.
    • Works with all sources of damage, not just enemy attacks. Includes lava, fall damage, Damocles' swords and pain doors.
    • Disappears when entering a new floor.
    • Does not stack.
Celestial Wave SecondaryCursedDamageAll.png Damage all enemies 8 beats
  • Hits everything on the screen for minor damage.
Thunderclap SecondaryClapExplosion.png Explosive clap 2 beats
  • AoE explosion centered on you.
Frost Bolt SecondaryFreeze.png Freeze enemies for time 4 beats
  • Freeze enemies for 3 half beats.
Block SecondaryBlockArm.png Block attack for time 4 beats
  • Blocks all damage from all directions for 3 half beats + 1 half beat per 3 ConsumableAbility.png Ability points[verification needededit?].
    • Works with all sources of damage, not just enemy attacks. Includes lava, fall damage, Damocles' swords and pain doors.
Steal Life SecondaryVamp.png Steal health from enemy 2 beats
  • Steals a small amount (~4 HP) of health from target. Does exceedingly low damage to enemies.
Teleport SecondaryTeleport.png Teleport to point 1 beat
  • Instantly teleport to where your cursor is aimed.
  • Can be damaged by using teleport if the teleport's path would have you take damage along that line (e.g. chest room's damage doors).
Sacred Sapper SecondarySpawnBarrel.png Conjure barrel 1 beat
  • Spawns an explosive barrel that detonates when shot.
    • Can have up to 10 barrels spawned at once.
    • Weapons affected by penetrating items will not cause barrels to explode.
Undying Strength SecondaryUnrelenting.png Unkillable for time 16 beats
  • Prevents death, leaving the player with 1 HP instead. Lasts 6 beats.
    • Does not prevent death on Odr, Sanngriðr or Herfjötur.
    • Does not prevent death from using Cursed Luck when at or below 25 HP.
Rhythm Burst SecondaryBurstAttack.png Rhythmic blasts of energy 4 beats
  • Fires X flame projectiles over Y beats. Each projectile deals damage over time (similar damage to SecondaryCursedFireball.png Fire Bolt).
  • Number of projectiles = ability stat + 2
  • Projectiles always fire at the same rate (1 per quarter beat, delayed by 1 quarter beat from activation), so more projectiles = longer firing time
  • Damage over time from each projectile stacks.
Snipe Snipe.png 8 beats
  • Fast projectile that deals 750 damage. Pushes enemies away (bosses especially). Small rocket-jump.
Burning Coin Burning Coin.png Throw a coin 1 beat
  • Lose 1 coin to throw projectile that deals 1000 damage and applies SecondaryCursedFireball.png Fire Bolt's damage over time. Small rocket-jump.


Movement ability can't be changed once in-game. All except Odr's work the same.

Note that Full Auto's version of Dash technically has a base cooldown of 1 full beat, but the challenge's effect reduces all cooldowns by 50% resulting in an effective cooldown of 1 half beat.

Ability Cooldown Effect
Dash CenterAbilityInsideFlash.png 1 beat Move Quickly
Dash/Fly (Odr and sometimes Rún) AuxFly.png 1 beat Move Quickly/Fly
Dash (Retro Run Challenge Only) AuxRetro.png 1 beat Move Quickly
Dash (Full Auto Challenge Only) AuxFullAuto.png 1 half beat Move Quickly
Dash (Supertime Challenge Only) AuxTimeStep.png 1 beat Move Quickly