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There are 6 statistics that enhance the player character. Statistics have a value between 0 and 9. The primary way of increasing stats is collecting Stat Up consumables, like ConsumableLuck.png Luck Up, that permanently increase a stat by one, or praying at corresponding Blessing altars. Other ways to increase stats include:

The game doesn't track stats over max. This means that if you have a stat at 9 (max) and then gain and immediately lose a stat, your stat will drop to 8. This can happen if picking up and dropping ItemConsumeGloves.png Loki's Bargain when a stat is maxed.


Stat Effect
Ability ConsumableAbility.png Improves your abilities. Effect can vary depending on ability. Effect on items unknown.
Damage ConsumableDamage.png Increases damage by ≈13.636%

Final Damage = Base Damage * (1 + (0.1363 * # of Stat Increases))

This does not include other multipliers such as crits and item effects

Luck ConsumableLuck.png Better drops from enemies, chests, and gambling shrines.
Precision ConsumableCritical.png Increases critical hit damage by ?.

Final Damage = Base Damage * (2 + (? * # of Stat Increases))

Crits have a base 2x damage multiplier.

Range ConsumableRange.png Increases weapon range by ?.
Speed ConsumableSpeed.png Increases movement speed by ?.

Other upgradable variables[edit]

During a playthrough, the player can also upgrade two other variables - maximum HP and clip size. They are not tracked like official stats, but nonetheless increase incrementally similar to stats.

Maximum HP can be temporarily increased by ItemGoodnessGloves.png Midgard Bracelet, and is permanently increased by Heart Container.png Heart Container or by using ConsumableShieldConverter.png Shield Converter while having armor. Maximum HP starting value depends on the character and maxes out at 400.

Clip size acts as a bonus added to a weapon's normal ammo capacity, and is kept between different weapons. This bonus starts at 0 and has no known upper limit (it can reach at least +46 and likely any number achievable in normal gameplay). Clip size can only be increased by collecting ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up items or by using a Tribute altar.