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This page contains some general tips and tips against specific enemies.

General Tips[edit]

  • Strafe like there's no tomorrow. Most enemies don't lead their projectiles so if you keep moving they'll miss.
  • Try to keep moving forward and not going back. Enemies will fire projectiles to your last known location. Don't run back to that location.
  • Try to be in the air often. Along with strafing, this makes you much harder to hit, and makes it very difficult for grounded enemies to hit you. Make sure to utilize dashes along with this to avoid incoming projectiles that would be in your path.
  • Everything is predictable. Each opponent has a predictable pattern. Learn that pattern and you wont suffer so much as a scratch.
  • Focus on strafing and moving OVER shooting. It's more important to avoid damage than deal it out.
  • Take it easy. Mechanics can take a while to learn, so keep at it and it will click.
  • Try binding reload to a mouse button (like right-click).
  • You can sprint by holding down sprint (default keybind: Shift)
  • Jump going up a ramp. You can jump higher wile going up ramps and stairs use this to reach new heights and secrets (for reference you can jump up to huggin's back on Asgard 1) (not actually sure if it's useful but now you know)

Combat Tips[edit]

  • The SecondaryCursedFireball.png Fire Bolt ability is generally a powerful one since the fire effect bypasses enemy shields, therefore damaging their weak points. Very effective against Guardians, Mechanised Monstosities, Jötunn Guards and Minotaurs. SecondaryMarkForDeath.png Mortal Curse bypasses enemy shields in the same way.

Tips for specific Valkyries[edit]


  • Being well rounded at 100 Health, Göll can start to focus on stat boosts and weapon upgrades earlier in a run, instead of focusing on health upgrades.
  • Göll's starting pistol is relatively weak. Exchanging it for a different weapon as early as possible is usually extremely beneficial.
  • Göll can utilize almost all equipment very well, and does not need to find specific items to make a run easier.


  • Remember you can gain max HP upgrades as Freyr. Slowly building max health over a run while keeping armor replenished is a generally helpful strategy.
  • Freyr starts with the Revolver. This is an all around good weapon for a majority of a run, as its base Range and Damage tend to be enough to kill common enemies in one or two shots each, especially if the player has an increased ConsumableDamage.png Damage stat.
  • Finding a ConsumableShieldConverter.png Shield Converter early on can make the run much easier.


  • With low health and high ConsumableSpeed.png Speed, players must use Hildr's speed to focus on dodging attacks.
  • Since Hildr starts off with a ConsumableKey.png Key, players can find an early ability, weapon, or equipment item to aid in quickly moving through early floors.


  • Since Njord cannot equip any weapon, he can largely focus spending coins on health and stat boosts. This is aided by Njord starting with 7Coins for early purchases of equipment in Huginn's Shop.


  • Players can reach high speeds by strafing in circles while flying with Odr. Use this to easily dodge attacks.
  • Don't get too greedy. The longer you spend in a floor, the more likely you are to get hit. Once you get decent weapon and good enough stats it is recommended to traverse the floors as quickly as possible.