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In BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE, Items come in two categories: equipables and consumables. Both types provide the player with a varying degree of help depending on the context of their current run, sometimes ranging from unhelpful to game-breaking.


Equipables are items that you can carry in your equipment slots after interacting with them. It is not possible to unequip an equipped item, only to exchange it with an alternative. These provide either a passive or an active effect; the latter requiring the player to press a key bound to the item's equipment slot in order to benefit from its effect (e.g. ItemSwapHead.png Adventurer's Fedora). The bound key will be shown at all times in the player's hud, underneath the corresponding equipment slot if it can be activated. There are 4 different equipment slots: headwear, armor, footwear and handwear - each only being able to hold one item at a time. However, with the help of a Prestige altar, up to four held equipables can be made permanent, thus making it possible to carry up to 8 items. However, it should be noted that the player will not be able to activate any prestiged active equipables.


Item Description Effects
Circlet of the Serpentine ItemVampHead.png Vamp health on damage
  • Dealing damage heals 1-3 points of health. Affected by ItemDoubleGloves.png Gunnr's Bracer.
  • Overrides Skuld's innate healing on hit, drastically reducing the amount of healing she can receive.
Ymir's Crown ItemCrown.png Echoes your attacks
  • When you hit an enemy, an extra projectile will be fired at them. Extra projectile does reduced damage[verification needededit?].
Helm of Rage ItemRageHead.png Increased damage with perfect rhythm
  • Damage is increased based on your current multiplier.
Deadeye Lens ItemAimingHead.png Autoaim
  • Natural autoaim is made much more effective. The crosshair's size is increased to reflect this.
Helm of Precision ItemMultiplierHead.png Critical multiplier
  • Increases the damage you deal when hitting an enemy's critical point.
Hat of Madness x64px Timed explosives
  • Enemies explode 1 beat after damaging them.
  • If an enemy is killed, the explosion will still happen 1 beat later, often at an unrelated position.
Hermóðr the Messenger ItemHelmetTest.png Speed multiplier
  • Speed is increased based on your current multiplier.
Horned Shot ItemShotsHead.png Explosive shots
  • Shots create a small explosion on impact dealing an extra 50 damage.
Equity ItemReflectHead.png Reflect damage
  • Enemies that damage you take 100% of their damage back. This is often not as good as it sounds, as enemy HP values are much higher than those of characters.
Adventurer's Fedora ItemSwapHead.png Rotate ability slots
  • Activate to rotate your equipment and abilities clockwise (including the Fedora itself).
  • This allows you to equip multiple items of the same kind.
The Secret Chord ItemChordHead.png Opening mega shot
  • Charges after room clear. After charging, your first shot deals extra damage in an AoE.
Seiðr's Hat Seiðr's Hat.png Mind flay
  • Damages enemies in the area around your character, indicated by the circles emanating outwards.
  • Will destroy the flying Dragon Head projectiles before they can hit you, which can help in boss fights, as well as eliminate most melee enemies before they can attack.
  • Also destroys skulls from the Explosive level modifier.
Ogre's Helm ItemHeadOrc.png Spread shot
  • (poorly known)
  • Splits your projectiles (rockets, grenades etc.) into 6, but reduces their damage (uncertain).
  • By the same principle, hitscan weapons become shotguns.
  • Reduces range of bullet based weapons.
  • The damage from Giant Slayer Boots applies to each of the resulting projectiles/pellets, making them extremely effective.
Fluffy ItemHeadFluffy.png Reload empowers next shot
  • Increases damage of next shot after reload, turning the ammo counter blue as indication.
  • Whether the clip is full is irrelevant. Reloading and then picking up a ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up results in a clip that isn't full, but still has the bonus. Conversely, entering a new floor starts you with a full clip without the bonus.
Helm-Heim ItemHeadCoveredHorned.png Enemies fragment on death
  • On death, enemies will spray 16 projectiles horizontally in a small radius around them, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Damage may be affected by the killed enemy's HP. This item can be found in chest room chests and the shop[verification needededit?]
Mani ItemHeadMoon.png Chance to freeze enemy on hit
  • chance to freeze enemy on hit for 1-2 seconds.
Short Horned ItemHeadRoman.png Luck up on floor completion
  • Gain +1 Luck upon entering a new floor. This bonus is permanent and will stay even after the item is unequipped.


Item Description Effects
Storm ItemChainChest.png Cleaving
  • Hitting an enemy will also damage nearby enemies. This effect penetrates shields.
Berserker's Arm ItemSpikeChest.png Critical
  • Increases damage when hitting critical spots. An extra 'clink' sound effect indicates this.
Lion Heart ItemReviveChest.png One more life
  • Prevents death once and restores 50 HP (100 with Gunnr's bracelet). The item is then consumed.
  • Works on Odr and Sanngriðr.
  • Disappears if activated with button.
Dragon's Skin ItemRegenChest.png Shield regeneration
  • Grants 25 shield that regenerates back at a rate of 5 every two beats if lost.
  • Incoming damage prioritizes the regenerating shield.
  • Allows using Damocles' sword for free.
  • Generates only if your current shield amount is less than 25.
  • Does not work on Sanngriðr, Odr and Herfjötur.
Richeous Sun ItemSunChest.png Solar flares
  • Adds 4 fire projectiles in a wide spread to your shots. These shots will also ignite enemies that they touch.
Face of Death ItemSkullChest.png Double damage
  • Doubles outgoing damage from the player.
The Best Defense ItemChestInfinite.png Infinite ammo
  • Infinite clip size (no need to reload).
Battle Lion Shield ItemReductChest.png Cooldown Reduction
  • Reduces the cooldown of abilities by 50%.
  • Allows firing and reloading to be activated twice as fast.
  • Activates hidden 'quarter beats' (in between the half beats) and allows for actions to be performed on those quarter beats.
Skjaldmeyjar's Plate ItemArmorChest.png Armour
  • Reduces damage taken by 10. Most attacks become 15, damage door and sonar beams become 2.5, lava becomes 0.
  • Glass modifier doubles damage after armor reduction.
  • Hellish difficulty doubles damage taken as well, and it still reduces damage by 10. Therefore, it is less valuable: attacks become 40, doors and sonar beams become 15, lava becomes 10.
  • Does not affect amount of coins lost as Herfjötur.
Springhel ItemChestJumpStrength.png Jump up
  • Drastically increases jump height.
Svalinn ItemChestTallShield.png Generate shield when still
  • Grants 25 shield that regenerates back at a rate of 1 every 1/5 beat if lost, but only when standing still.
  • Allows using Damocles' sword for free.
  • Generates only if your current shield amount is less than 25.
  • Does not work on Sanngriðr, Odr and Herfjötur.
Cursed Iron Cursed Iron.png Damage up, health turns to steel
  • Increases damage dealt by the player by 50 and decreases damage taken by 5.
  • Slowly converts all max HP into shields. Current HP has no effect; 25/150 HP and 150/150 HP will be equally converted over to 150/0.
  • Does not affect coins of Herfjötur.
Triquetra Triquetra.png Fortify magic ability
  • Empowers abilities (unknown which ones and how)
  • Hildr's speed buff holds 100% longer (8 -> 16 beats) and Celestial wave deals 300% damage (1 -> 3 damage).
  • Adds one extra half beat to Block duration
  • Doesn't work with "Geri's Audit"
Gungnir's Partner Gungnir's Partner.png Range increase
  • Doubles your weapon range.
Masquerade ItemChestBlank.png Cast ultimate
  • Activate to cast your current ultimate ability.
  • Cooldown - 1 room.
  • Essentially lets you cast your ultimate once per room, in addition to its standard recharge.
Loki's Shield Loki's Shield.png Slow enemy projectiles
  • Slightly slows enemy projectiles


Item Description Effects
Powershot Glove ItemWallGloves.png Shots penetrate walls and enemies
  • Only works with hitscan weapons. Projectiles will still detonate on impact.
  • Hitscan weapons penetrate shields and walls, as long as the target is in range.
Spacewalker ItemHighGloves.png Take to flight
  • Can jump again mid-air any number of times. This allows flight by repeatedly jumping.
Midgard Bracelet ItemGoodnessGloves.png Pure goodness
  • When worn, increases all stats by 1 and grants 25 max HP.
  • The max HP is very buggy and doesn't count for many purposes, e.g. if filled and then a new floor is entered, it will be emptied once again.
  • When entering a new floor, permanently increases all stats by 1. This bonus is not lost when the item is dropped.
  • Does not grant health to Odr, Herfjötur and Sanngriðr.
Gunnr's Bracer ItemDoubleGloves.png Increases healing effects
  • Doubles healing effects from all sources.
  • Also works with the passive healing from Skuld.
  • Does not work on Odr, Herfjötur and Sanngriðr.
Sigrdrifa's Bracer ItemPenetrateGloves.png Penetrating shots
  • Shots pierce enemies and shields.
Quaternote ItemTwiceGloves.png Double shots
  • Weapons shoot twice each shot, consuming twice the ammo.
  • Does not work with Minigun or Energy Cannon.
  • Does work with Njord's Magic Hands.
  • The name is likely a typo of Quarternote.
Golden Bracelet ItemRainGloves.png Find more gold
  • Enemies have higher chance to drop gold.
  • Shots pierce enemies and shields.
Asp's Whisper ItemSlowGloves.png Shots slow enemies
  • Dealing damage slows enemies.
Go Faster Glove ItemSpeedGloves.png Speed up
  • Drastically increases speed.
  • Does not stack with Odin's Sneakers.
Memento Mori ItemCleavingGloves.png Cleaving
  • Hitting an enemy damages nearby enemies as well. This effect, as well as shots on their own, penetrate shields.
Loki's Bargain ItemConsumeGloves.png Sacrifice slot for stats
  • Increases all stats by 1 while worn.
  • When entering a new floor, permanently increases all stats by 1. This bonus is not lost when the item is dropped.
Dwarven Braclet ItemGloveDwarfBracelet.png Reveal map
  • Shows all rooms on minimap.
  • Typo of Bracelet.
Dwarven Ring ItemGloveNut.png Transforms projectiles
  • Changes ammo type to exploding fireballs.
  • Fireballs deal (at least) 400 damage (kills Phoenix and Clockwork Soul in 1 shot) at medium range and fly along a ballistic curve. If the aim pointer is locked on (it becomes a cross), they will track the target instead.
  • Shotgun-type weapons will shoot a spread of fireballs; however, their damage seems to be reduced.
  • Seems to have reduced damage on the Minigun or maybe reduced effect against Nidhogg.
Raven God ItemGloveEagle.png Super range
  • Gives all weapons (near-)infinite range, regardless of their base range.
Six-Shooter ItemGloveSixShooter.png Double time reload
  • Allows reloading to be activated twice as fast (on 'hidden' quarter beats).
Megingjord ItemGloveMedallion.png Carry two weapons
  • Allows the wearer to hold 2 weapons.
  • Press 3 to switch between the weapons.
  • The second weapon is displayed above the first weapon in the bottom-right corner, without its current ammo in the clip.
  • Njord cannot make use of this item.
  • WARNING Upon using Prestige room and making Megingjord permanent, the ability to switch weapons is disabled making it useless. Locking out your currently unequipped weapon. Worse, if you have no second weapon picked up as of yet, it will still allow you to pick up a second weapon locking out your first weapon for the rest of the run. The only possible remedy being able to find another Megingjord (unconfirmed). Consider making almost any other handwear permanent by swapping the other handwear in first, using prestige, then picking Megingjord back up. Or picking up a "trash" weapon and making it your unequipped weapon before using prestige.


Item Description Effects
Rhythmic Chaos Boots ItemDamageBoots.png Strike to the beat
  • When entering a new room, deals damage to nearby enemies on every beat for 4 beats.
  • Afterwards, deals damage to an enemy in the room once every 4 beats until the enemy dies. Afterwards, switches target to another enemy, repeating. [verification needededit?]
Tampling Boots ItemTramplingBoots.png Finishes off low health opponents
  • Instantly kills low health enemies in the room. 'Low health' might be a flat value rather than a percentage.[verification needededit?]
Poison Boots ItemCreepBoots.png Lay creep
  • You leave behind a poisonous trail that damages enemies that come into contact with it or float above it.
Tumbler's Boots ItemDocBoots.png Tumble when firing
  • Every successful hit on an enemy causes you to perform a small dash.
Giant Slayer Boots ItemKnightBoots.png Deals percentage damage
  • Your attacks deal extra damage equal to 3% of enemy's current health per hit. Extra damage will be dealt with every hit.
  • Provided every time in Helheim II after you put 100 coins in the Dish across all your runs.
Skates of Strafe ItemSkates.png Speed multiplier
  • Every multiplier increases movement speed, up to 4x the normal speed.
  • Grants more movement speed than Odin's Sneakers at 4 speed ups
Boots of Rock ItemHeavyBoots.png Explode on landing
  • Whenever you land you create a small explosion around yourself.
Angelic Boots ItemJumpBoots.png Activate jump
  • Allows you to triple jump.
  • Activate to super jump, useful to reach hidden areas.
Odin's Sneakers ItemSpeedBoots.png Speed up
  • Increases your movement speed.
  • Does not stack with Go Faster Glove.
Spurs of Justice ItemCowboyBoots.png Critical hits deal damage over time
  • Attacks that hit a critical weakpoint also inflict damage over time.
Seiðr's Blessing ItemFootMagicalBoots.png Enemies die over time
  • Enemies in room will take passive damage one after another (not certain).
  • This damage does not count as a hit against bosses during their finishing chords, and also won't cause Blades or Clockwork Souls to activate their invulnerability.
Hermod's Greaves ItemFootSandals.png Speed and range up
  • (exact bonus is not certain)
Aslög's Clogs ItemFootClogs.png Sprinting explodes
  • Sprinting leaves behind a trail of small bombs.
  • Leaves behind bombs when moving above a certain speed without sprinting, such as jumping while moving or if the player has sufficient speed bonuses (more testing required)
Njord's Greaves ItemFootShinpads.png Enemies drop coins
  • Hitting enemies with your weapon has a chance to drop 1 gold.


Consumables are items that only benefit the player once, either upon pickup or after interacting with them. While pickup consumables can be found by opening chests or upon killing enemies, interactive consumables follow equipables' drop rules (see Chests for more details).

Item Appearance Description
Coin Coin.png
  • A single coin.
Coin Bag ConsumableMoneyBag.png
  • Grants a random number of coins between 3-5.
Key ConsumableKey.png
  • Grants one key which allows you to open one locked chest or door.
Skeleton Key ConsumableSkeletonKey.png
  • An infinitely reusable key, bypassing the need to collect normal keys. This lasts for the entire run.
  • You can still place keys in the Devil Altar as if you had normal keys and guarantee a reward.
Clip Up ConsumableClipUp.png
  • Increases clip size by 1.
  • Clip count is applied to new weapons.
Small Healing Potion ConsumableHealthSmall.png SmallHealingPotionModel.png SmallHealingPotion2Model.png
  • Heals for 25 HP.
  • No effect when used by Odr, Sanngriðr or Herfjötur.
Large Healing Potion ConsumableHealth.png
  • Heals for 50 HP.
  • No effect when used by Odr, Sanngriðr or Herfjötur.
Heart Container Heart Container.png
  • Increases max HP by 25 (does not increase current HP to match) up to 400 HP.
  • No effect when used by Odr, Sanngriðr or Herfjötur.
Shield ConsumableShield.png
  • Grants 25 shield.
  • No effect when used by Odr, Sanngriðr or Herfjötur.
Lucky Dice ConsumableLuckyDice.png
  • Increases ConsumableLuck.png Luck by 4.
  • Not to be confused with ConsumableCritical.png Precision Up - the Lucky Dice is parallel to the ground and has a dirty, rugged appearance.
Shield Converter ConsumableShieldConverter.png
  • Converts all current shields to both maximum and current health up to 400 HP. If the HP cap of 400 is hit, leftover shields will remain as shields.
  • No effect when used by Odr, Sanngriðr or Herfjötur.
Speed Up ConsumableSpeed.png
  • Increases your ConsumableSpeed.png Speed stat by 1.
Ability Up ConsumableAbility.png
Range Up ConsumableRange.png
  • Increases your ConsumableRange.png Range stat by 1.
Damage Up ConsumableDamage.png
  • Increases your ConsumableDamage.png Damage stat by 1.
Precision Up ConsumableCritical.png
  • Increases your ConsumableCritical.png Precision stat by 1.
  • Not to be confused with ConsumableLuckyDice.png Lucky Dice - the Precision Up die is angled and smooth white.
Luck Up ConsumableLuck.png
  • Increases your ConsumableLuck.png Luck stat by 1.
Explosive Skull
  • Explodes, damaging enemies nearby. Does not damage the player.
  • Drops from enemies in levels with the Explosive modifier.
  • Can be converted to Coin with Geri's Audit skill.