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Altars are points of interest that can appear within rooms, most of them granting the player some kind of boon when interacted with. The two main kinds are chests and shrines.

Spawn rules[edit]

Altars appear in most normal rooms, excluding the spawn room on each level. One variant of GridRoomShop.png Huginn's shop (in Asgard I) has a secret shrine. Most rooms spawn with a shrine of some kind, but their appearance is not guaranteed. Once exhausted (which may take multiple inputs), shrines cannot be used again, and will usually glow with a pale fire or a halo to indicate they've been used. Only one shrine of each type will spawn in a given room, but rooms can spawn with multiple types of shrines. Shrines, especially secondary rarer shrines, can be located in hard to access places, usually high up on balconies or ledges. While some of these shrines can be reached via creatively jumping from rails, banisters, mushrooms, etc. having a mobility buff like flying, triple jump, super jump, rocket jump, grenade jump, the Space modifier or super speed can help. Some shrines may be impossible to reach with the player's current equipment and stats. Shrines typically behave the same way given their type, but the player's Luck stat can induce other, better outcomes, even from basic shrines.


Angel and devil altars[edit]

These altars take the form of large statues with urns, and will accept a random number between 1 and 6 of coins (for the Angel) or keys (for the Devil) in exchange for a random result. The random results include:

Angel and devil altars cannot produce every possible item, book or scroll in the game, but rather each can only produce results from a limited loot table. Devil altars tend to produce higher quality rewards, with the notable exception being ItemFootMagicalBoots.png Seiðr's Blessing, which in turn spawns only from angel altars.

Blessing altars[edit]

These are the most common altars, and take the form of statues with small offering bowls. They are easily accessible and usually appear along the peripheral walls of the room. They will accept a single coinCoins in exchange for a +1 boost to the character's stat, dependent on the statue. Often times blessing altars can be difficult to spot; they tend to blend into their surroundings, both in color and in geometry. Scanning the peripheral walls of the room is a good start.

Cursed chests[edit]

See Chests.

Damocles' sword[edit]

Damocles' Sword

This shrine resembles a small pillar with a fiery sword above and one of 3 possible items (listed below). Activating it deals 25 damage (12.5 on Practice, and 50 on Hellish) to the player, in exchange for whatever is resting on the pillar. The damage can be reduced or avoided with abilities and items like SecondaryBlockArm.png Block and SecondaryManaShield.png Valkyrie's Veil, which will negate the damage completely, or ItemArmorChest.png Skjaldmeyjar's Plate which will reduce the damage. Possible items are:

The Black Market always contains three Damocles' sword shrines: single, double and triple sword shrine each dealing 25, 50 and 75 damage to the player respectively (halved on Practice, doubled on Hellish). Possible items are:

  • a random equippable item
  • a stat up.

Slot machine[edit]

Slot Machine

These take the form of small, square chests with a slot in the front into which a coin is inserted. Upon inserting a coin a random outcome will occur:

In addition to a previous effect, the machine can jam. The coin will remain in the slot and no further input will be accepted.

Slot machines can be found as a bonus altar in a normal room[verification needededit?], or in their own special room marked on the map.

ConsumableLuck.png Luck increases the chances of the slot machine not jamming and decreases the chance of getting nothing, but doesn't affect the chance to drop a ConsumableMoneyBag.png Coin Bag or 1Coins.

The Dish[edit]

Located in the right room of Helheim II. After depositing 100Coins, ItemKnightBoots.png Giant Slayer Boots will appear. All subsequent runs will spawn the boots.

Tribute altar[edit]

Located in the special Tribute room, marked on the map, that can only be found in Asgard Crypts. Can accept up to 50 coins one at a time. Each time it accepts a coin, it tries to increase a random stat by 1. If the stat it tries to increase is already maxed, it will increase the clip size by 1 instead.

Prestige altar[edit]

Located in the special Prestige room, marked on the map, that can only be found in Vanaheim I. Will accept 30 coins (paid at once), after which it will turn all player's currently equipped items into enchantments (they will provide their full effect but without taking a slot). Price is unaffected by number or currently equipped items and cannot be discounted with UltimateDiscount.png Barter. Items with activations will not work anymore.

Trial altars[edit]

There are 10 Trial Altars that can make the game harder. If playing a character you already completed the game with, four of them (chosen randomly) spawn in the start room in Asgard I and can optionally be activated by the player.

Altar Description Effects
Trial: Bleeding CurseDying.png Dying over time
  • You lose 0.5 health every 2 beats (visible as 1 health every 4 beats).
  • The Glass modifier, Hellish difficulty, and Trial: Fragile each double the bleeding, causing you to lose 1/2/4 health every 2 beats.
  • There is no effect on Odr and Sanngriðr as long as the bleeding damage is below 1.
Trial: Fabled CurseToughened.png All enemies are tougher
  • All enemies, including bosses, have their health doubled.
  • Gives a bonus to score when shooting enemies and entering rooms.
Trial: Fragile CursePlayerFragile.png You take double damage
  • Damage from all sources is doubled.
  • Stacks with the double damage effect of Hellish difficulty and the Glass modifier.
Trial: Gambit CurseGambit.png Get 10 coins, but lose all coins when hit
  • 10 more coins are also rewarded each time a new floor has been reached.
  • Negating an attack with SecondaryBlockArm.png Block or SecondaryManaShield.png Valkyrie's Veil will still trigger a loss of all coins.
  • Instant death on hit with Herfjötur.
  • If paired with Trial: Bleeding, every 2 beats all coins are lost since the bleeding effect counts as a hit. This effect still occurs with Odr and Sanngriðr.
Trial: Godlike CurseBossTough.png Tougher bosses
  • Boss health is doubled (applied after boss modifiers). If paired with Trial: Fabled, bosses will have 4x health.
  • Score gained on all bosses is halved.
Trial: Mania! CurseMania.png Double the damage, double the enemies
  • The player deals double damage but twice as many enemies as normal will spawn. This includes minibosses and bosses.
  • Bosses spawned can have different modifiers from each other. If one or both bosses spawns with the Cloned modifier, 3 or 4 of the boss will spawn.
  • Gullveig and Nidhogg will not be doubled.
  • Challenge rooms, and the special waves of enemies in Helheim II, are unaffected.
  • Gives a bonus to score when shooting enemies.
Trial: Poverty CurseShopless.png No shops after Asgard
Trial: Runner CurseDamocles.png Die at 20 mins
  • Gives a bonus to score when shooting enemies.
Trial: Twitch CurseFastProjectiles.png Enemy projectiles are faster
  • Gives a bonus to score when shooting enemies and entering rooms.
Trial: Want CurseLowerAmmo.png Half ammo
  • Base ammo for each weapon is halved, rounding down.
  • ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up still increases the clip size by 1, as usual.
  • Upon entering a new floor, your ammo is still set to the unmodified clip size, meaning you start each floor with over 100% ammo. Subsequent reloads, however, still restore ammo only up to the new (halved) clip size.
  • Will remove ItemChestInfinite.png The Best Defense from the item pool, and the player character if already held.