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Each level is comprised of multiple rooms in a grid layout. Rooms cannot be exited while there are any enemies in them.

Normal rooms

Regular rooms contain enemies and always contain a shrine or secret chest. They may also contain a second, secret shrine hidden in a high or hard to reach place.

Special rooms

Most special rooms are marked in the minimap and don't contain enemies unless otherwise specified.


Indicated by a scales icon on the minimap. Can deposit or withdraw coins. Coin balance persists between runs and is the same across all characters and difficulty levels. Banks have a coin deposit limit of 10 per room with no withdrawal limits. Entering the bank with a balance of 100 coins or more allows the player to "collect interest" in the form of a secret bank chest.

Boss room

Indicated by a skull icon on the minimap. Contains the boss and the portal to the next area. Guaranteed to spawn.

Challenge room

Indicated by a crossed swords icon on the minimap. Has a lever that can be used up to 3 times to spawn enemy waves of increasing difficulty. When each wave is defeated, a chest will spawn.

Boss challenge room

Indicated by an icon of two crossed swords behind a helmet. Has a lever that can be used once to spawn a miniboss. When defeated, a challenge chest will spawn.

Well room

Indicated by a magic sparkle icon on the minimap. Contains an equipment item from each of the 4 types (head, armor, hands, feet) on pedestals. Upon selecting one, the other 3 will lower into bottomless pits and cannot be picked up even if the player gets to them fast enough. The pits will deal damage if the player jumps in after the items.

Prestige room

Indicated by a quadruple diamond icon on the minimap. Contains an altar where you can use 30 coin to permanently lock the effect of current items (For the current run, not further runs). This allows you to wear up to 8 items on you. Prestiging more than once is possible if another room is found, allowing more items to be worn. It is not possible to activate an item that has been prestiged. Barter does not affect the price.

Treasure room

Indicated by a golden treasure chest icon on the minimap. Contains a locked Golden Chest. Sometimes has an extra locked chest behind a barrier that deals 12.5 damage when walked through (in both directions, so 25 damage total to get in and out). Guaranteed to spawn.

Warp room

Indicated by 3 circles on the minimap. This room is rare and has four portals leading to different levels, being Asgard, Vanaheim, Svartalfheim, and Helheim.

Huginn's shop

Indicated by a banner icon on the minimap. Sells equipment, healing and stat boosts. One room variant has a secret shrine. Guaranteed to spawn on every floor. The shop contains 2 pedestals at the start, but can go up to 7. Spending coins increases Huginn's Loyalty Card and unlocks more pedestals. Has the following inventory:


Indicated by a book icon on the minimap. Contains an Ultimate ability book or secondary ability scroll. The item can be seen through the window of the door before opening, allowing players with a keen eye to attempt to identify it. Requires a key to open.

Muninn's armory

Indicated by an anvil icon on the minimap, and marked with "Blacksmith" above the door. Sells weapons, and later some stat items. Spending coins increases Muninn's Gratitude and unlocks the front pedestals. Guaranteed to spawn once per zone. If you receive a blacksmith on Asgard 1, your next blacksmith will spawn on either Vanaheim 1 or 2, etc. Has the following fixed inventory:

  • Center pedestal: Random tier 1 weapon for 5Coins. Unlocked by default.
  • Right pedestal: Random tier 1-2 weapon for 15Coins. Unlocked at 10 gratitude.
  • Left pedestal: Random tier 1-3 weapon for 30Coins. Unlocked at 100 gratitude.

However, if the current run is running out of weapon pool, higher-tier weapons can appear on lower-tier pedestals, eventually not selling any weapons at all upon emptying the pool. This can easily happen when you generate lots of Weapon Chests using UltimateGenerateChest.png Sigyn's Help.

The three unlockable front pedestals have an assortment of ConsumableDamage.png Damage Up and ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up unless playing as Njord in which case any Clip Up will be replaced with ConsumableAbility.png Ability Up.

  • Left pedestal: ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up for 5Coins. Unlocked at 50[verification needededit?] gratitude.
  • Right pedestal: ConsumableDamage.png Damage Up for 5Coins. Unlocked at 250 gratitude.
  • Front pedestal: Equal chance of ConsumableClipUp.png Clip Up or ConsumableDamage.png Damage Up for 5Coins. Unlocked at 1000 gratitude.

Crypt entrance

Indicated by a stairs icon on the minimap. A room with a stairway leading to a doorway to the Asgard Crypts. Requires a key to access. Can only be found in Asgard 1.

Tribute room

Indicated by an icon of three interlocked triangles. Contains a Tribute altar. Can only be found in Asgard Crypt.

Gambling room

Indicated by an icon of a poker chip. Contains a single slot machine.

Black market

Indicated by an icon of a dagger pointed downwards. Contains three Damocles' sword altars, each with one more dagger than the last. All three may be used. This room will replace Huginn's shop.

Reroll room

Indicated by an icon of a die. Inserting one coin causes a random item to appear, which can be rerolled up to 9 times. Stops accepting coins after an item is taken or after a total of 10 coins have been inserted.

Miniboss room

Unmarked on the minimap. Each type of miniboss has a unique room, and possible minibosses are tied to zones.

Dish room

Unmarked on the minimap (as there is no minimap in Helheim 2). Located to the right of the start of Helheim 2. Only contains the Dish.

Pit room

Unmarked on the minimap. A unique room, where you have to complete a simple jumping puzzle in order to exit. Only appears when the level has a Pitted modifier.

Tower room

Unmarked on the minimap. Very vertical room with the special enemy Cutthroat at the top guarding a Boss chest. Only appears when the level has a Castle modifier.